To preserve the integrity of our temaki (handrolls), we will not be able to offer them for takeout. However, we do offer them in the form of 6 pieces cut roll. Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy!

To order, please call us at (858) 251-4071 or stop by the restaurant!

All To-Go rolls are cut rolls served with cucumber

*Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Blue Crab w/Avocado                                                             7.45

Maine Lobster w/Avocado                                                      8.95

Spicy Tuna                                                                              5.25

Spicy Salmon                                                                          5.75

Negi Salmon                                                                           5.25

Negi Yellowtail                                                                        5.75

Negi Toro                                                                                6.25

Unagi w/Avocado                                                                   6.25

Hamachi Golden Ratio w/ Korean peppers                            5.75

Bluefin Tuna Zuke w/ Korean peppers                                   5.75

Wasabi Avo Mayo[V]                                                               4.50

Takuwan Shiso[V]                                                                    3.95

Shiitake Shoyu [V]                                                                   4.50

Ginger Shiso [V]                                                                       3.95

[V] = vegetarian